Sunday, 6 October 2013

Narberth Food Fair

Narberth Food Fair
We live a few miles from a pretty Welsh market town called Narberth.  The town is built on the side of a gently sloping hill,.  At the bottom of the Hill is the ruins of a medieval castle and at the top end a car park.  The High Street, which is lined with perhaps 50 small shops, runs between the Castle and Car Park. 

As you can imagine a small town like this has a strong sense of community. One of the most popular events is a Food Fair which is held in the car park in last week of September  When the weather is fine, as happened this year, large crowds gather to look at the stalls and enjoy the popular music played by local bands.  The organisers have an area where parents can leave their children to play and be entertained whilst they spend time looking round the tents all laden with food.

I am not interested in cooking, but my wife is, and it was the most lovely day with gentle sunshine and no wind.  Whilst Mami looked round that tent I found myself on bench where I could watch and draw the crowds and  children being entertained.

There was a captivating beautiful girl who moved amongst the crowds dressed as Carmen Miranda.

and a man on stilts with large knives for juggling and frightening the children, but the children were not frightened.

and a girl with a bowler hat and antenna who was showing the children how to spin plates on the end of a stick. Which the children learnt quickly how to do

 and other children had hoola hoops

and spinning tops that they could throw in the air

to my side were a couple with a very young baby

and an old lady with and ice cream and a dog

Sitting in the sunshine watching everything going on around me was a lovely way to spend the after noon.

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