Thursday, 6 June 2013

Late Spring in Pembrokeshire

Drawing and Illusion - Late Spring in Pembrokeshire

At last we have summer weather and the young families are able to enjoy taking their children out to sit in the sunshine on park benches.

Mother and two young children at Margam Park May 2013

In Britain this Spring has been the coldest since 1891, all the Spring flowers were very late to bloom.  Until a few days ago the cherry trees in our garden were still in flower 

Cherry blossom May 2013

Even now the woodlands and hedgerows are purple with flowering bluebells

Bluebells May 2013

which contrast against vibrant pink campion flowers that line the narrow Pembrokeshire lanes

Campion May 2013

and there are the Small Whites that can be seen fluttering over the grasses in the sun.

Small White on Grasses May 2013

The grasses are a particular joy to draw.  They grow so vigorously in the wet Pembrokeshire climate, even the uninvited plantain,, which poke up out of our uncut lawn look elegant.

Plantain May 2013
I only began to draw grasses in the late autumn of last year.  I had not noticed how the many different grasses are all beautiful to draw.  These seeding grasses make lovely patterns and all their leaves seem to flop in the one direction.

Seeding Grasses June 2013

This evening I was drawing this grass.  I do not know what it is called, it's long arching stems with lamb's tails hang from the tips

Arching stem of a Grass 5 June 2013
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