Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spring in Pembrokeshire

It has been a while since I last sent you some drawings, partly I have been busy, and partly after office hours it has been too cold  to sketch outside.   These last few days the chill has gone out of the evening air and there has been warmth from the sun which is still high in the sky at 6 in the evening. 

The twigs of the blackthorn trees, which are often in blossom in March, are still covered in their tiny white flowers.

and in the woodland that borders our lawn there are clusters of delicate snake's head fritillaries standing tall and elegant above the brightly coloured celandines.

There are not many insects yet , but you can see the queen bumble bees amongst the robust yellow heads of the dandelions that all look fresh and new in the clear Spring sunlight. 

the fields are full of the black faced ewes with their young lambs

about a week ago we had some rain, and the grass which has become lush and green was being enjoyed by cows munching the succulent stems

and young lambs sunning themselves before the dusk drew a veil over a long and blissful Spring day in Pembrokeshire

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