Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Day by the Beach

Pembrokeshire Coastal Park
I found a place to sit with my back to the cliffs. I was looking across the wet sand which was dotted with black rocks and pools and where young families were enjoying themselves in the warm sun.  There were many young boys who were catching shrimps with nets.

and girls too
and others children building castles in the sand
Young mothers were playing with their infants
whilst also keeping a watchful eye on the older children

and toddlers who ran across the sand

and fathers catching the toddlers and waving to the mothers.
When the children come out of the water their hair is all wet

One little boy with a Northern accent called Daniel had a pretty girlfriend
 and a crab in a bucket which he asked me to draw

Pembrokeshire is not like the South of France.  As soon as the sun slips behind the clouds the children get cold, and they wrap towels around their shoulders to keep warm

 And the parents put thick jackets on the little ones

Further along the beach there were people walking their dogs

Some of the dogs are well behaved and follow their owners carrying their leads
Whilst others run wildly across the sand

There were not many gulls, and I only drew one which was making a lot of noise

until it flew off because an out of control dog wanted to play with it.

Towards the end of the afternoon I walked along coastal walk which winds its way along the top of the cliffs.  On either side of the path are flowers

with flies that rub their front feet together

and others which have bright markings like wasps, but are harmless.

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